We often find ourselves in the situation where we do not know what toothpaste to use, as a result we have prepared a small guide to understand what you need and why. What you need to consider:

To perfectly clean the teeth and the oral cavity

Toothpastes should be slightly abrasive to clean teeth and help prevent oral cavity.

To restore natural white

Toothpastes from our point of view should not contain ingredients such as peroxide; teeth whitening is done only in dental offices under the recommendation of the dentist. Using toothpaste with whitening ingredients or with a high abrasion index can lead to complications such as tooth sensitivity and damage to the tooth enamel in an irreversible way.

To help remineralize teeth

One of the most important steps is to remineralize the teeth and what ingredient (s) it offers in a real way.

To help the gums in a constant way

Here we are talking about the ingredients that bring real benefits in nourishing the gingival tissue and offer everything that is best in protecting and regenerating it.

What is the reality?

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In reality, these benefits have been cut into several products strictly for marketing reasons. You can buy toothpastes that promise whitening effects, for tooth sensitivity, for remineralization, for gingival bleeding, etc.

Basically, these formulas are almost identical in most cases, why?

Because we are different as customers. We prefer a certain color or a certain taste and companies have understood that. The reality is different, their product bases are identical and they just change some ingredients to give you exactly what you are looking for, at the lowest possible price.

Toothpaste is MORE IMPORTANT than the face cream you use! Why ?

Simple, absorption and digestion start in the oral cavity. Using products with ingredients that have toxic potential, they will be immediately absorbed by your body through the mucosa. Why use the most expensive creams and toothpaste as cheap as possible?

How do we choose our toothpaste?

The best way to choose toothpaste is to look at what ingredients are used in the formula and what they do, marketing claims matter less.
From here you can find out if the price of the product is correct and especially if it is worth putting in the body all those ingredients that you know have toxic potential.

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Because we want to have complete transparency

When we started to develop our products and the PRANOYA brand, we went through many stages of research and we chose our ingredients with great care. Numerous specialists from different scientific fields have participated in the formulation of our products. To make a functional formula you need a lot of time and a lot of internal stabilization tests. In order to partially understand the process, we will give an example of the situation we went through.

To cover all dental needs, we started from a total of 42 ingredients from which we made over 25 test formulas until we managed to complete a formula that can cover all the points presented at the beginning of the article, and even more.

Our production cost is higher than an expensive conventional toothpaste for sale that is why we only address people who want everything that is best for their oral and general health.

Why dental cosmetics and natural teeth?

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Those who have dental veneers (in case they did not opt for double dental veneers or dental crowns) need to thoroughly clean both the prosthetic parts and the naturally exposed tooth behind the veneers and remineralization is the key point in the case of prosthetic works because it must maintain the tooth. on which the veneer is installed in an exceptional condition, to protect it from caries.

The gum needs minerals and active ingredients to keep it in excellent condition and not to produce that gingival retraction situation. We cover all this cocktail of needs with the ingredients used and leads to maximizing the lifespan of your smile and maintaining natural teeth in a great condition.