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The information presented below is intended to inform you of more details about the placement, use and administration of cookies used by the site.

This website uses both its own and third-party cookies in order to provide you with a much better browsing experience and services tailored to your needs and interests.

  1. General information

1.1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, mobile device, or other device that you use to access websites. They are widely used to make websites work or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the site owner. The table below explains the cookies we use on, as well as the reason for using them.

1.2. The lifespan of a cookie


The lifetime of a cookie can vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. Some cookies are used exclusively for a single session (session cookies) and are no longer retained when the user browses the website. Some cookies are retained and reused each time the user returns to that website (‘permanent cookies’). However, cookies can be deleted by a user at any time via browser settings.

1.3. Cookies placed by third parties

Certain sections of content on some sites may be provided through third parties / providers (eg an advertisement, a video, etc.). These third parties may place cookies through the site and they are called “third party cookies” because they are not placed by the site owner.

  1. Cookies used by this site


Strictly necessary cookies
Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site. They allow the use of basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the site. A site cannot function properly without these cookies.
The name of the cookieSourceDescriptionExpiry
cisessionPRANOYAThis module keeps a history of using the site throughout the browsing session (shopping cart, pages visited).1 day
__cfduidPRANOYAIt is used to ensure the performance and security of the site thus identifying reliable traffic sources. 365 days
CookieConsentPRANOYARecord your consent regarding the processing of your data via cookies.365 days
Cookies for statistical purposes
Statistical cookies help us understand how visitors interact with the site by collecting and reporting information, usually anonymously.

To learn more about how Google uses and collects this data, visit the link privacy policy .

Google also provides an “add-on” that allows you to opt out of Google Analytics, regardless of which pages you access –

The name of the cookieSourceDescriptionExpiry
_gaUniversal Analytics (Google)Used by Google Analytics – Records a unique ID that is used to generate statistics about how the visitor uses the site. This information is then used to compile statistical reports and improve your site based on your behavior. This module collects information in a way that no individual can be identified. 730 days
_neckUniversal Analytics (Google)Used by Google Analytics to improve the performance and response time of user requests. Session
_gidUniversal Analytics (Google)Records a unique ID that is used to generate statistics about how you. use the site. This information is then used to make statistical reports and to frequently improve the site according to your behavior. This module collects information in a way that no individual can be identified. Session
Cookies for marketing
Marketing cookies help us to promote our site and the products we offer through it.
The name of the cookieSourceDescriptionExpiry
_stripe_mid PRANOYADetermines whether your browsing it should be recorded in a particular statistic in order to be included in a list of audiences used in marketing campaigns.Session
__atuvcUpdate in real time and account for your distributions. of the site on social networks.390 days


Our site uses the following types of cookies:

3. Security and privacy issues

cookies not they are viruses! They use plain text formats. They are not made up of pieces of code, so they cannot be executed or run.

In general, browsers have integrated privacy settings that provide different levels of acceptance of cookies, validity period and automatic deletion after the user has visited a particular site.

3.1.Tips for safe navigation

Customize your browser settings for cookies to reflect a comfortable level for you;

If you do not mind cookies and you are the only user of your computer / tablet / phone, you can set long expiration dates for storing your browsing history and personal access data;

If you share access to your computer, you can consider setting your browser to clear individual browsing data each time you close your browser. This is a way to access sites that place cookies and to delete any visit information at the end of the browsing session.

4. Changing cookie settings

Disabling and refusing to receive cookies may make certain sections of the site impractical or difficult to visit and use.

You can change your cookie preferences at any time by clicking the “Cookie settings” button. You can then adjust the available sliders to “Do not allow” or “Allow”, then click “Save settings”. You may need to refresh the page for your settings. to have effect.

It is also possible to set in the browser so that these cookies are no longer accepted or you can set the browser to accept cookies from a specific site.

Browsers currently provide support for cookie settings. For more details, please access the links below:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Apple Safari

For any additional questions regarding how this site uses cookies you can contact us at address



The necessary cookies help the site to be usable by activating basic functions, such as page navigation and access to secure areas on the site. The site cannot function properly without these cookies.

_fbpPranoya.roPreserves users states across page requests.1daysHTTP Cookie