3 reasons why dental veneers can lose their shine

Have your facets lost their shine?

If the veneers are just put on, it is unusual for them to lose their luster. There are, however, a few possible causes of the change in the appearance of your smile.


  1. Dental instruments or abrasive products

Dental veneers are harder than tooth enamel. A substance must be abrasive to affect their luster. A toothpaste with high abrasiveness has the possibility to affect your veneers causing them to lose their shine. Dental instruments and chemicals can damage them. A hygienist who has been trained in dental veneer care knows what tools and substances to use.

  1. Polishing equipment

Dental hygienists use specific tools, including Air-Flow (Prophy Jet), which can affect the “glaze” on the veneers and will cause them to lose their color.

  1. Some fluoride treatments

Some fluorides contain hydrofluoric acid, which will etch the ceramic, fade the shine on the surface of your veneers and make them stain.

Your veneers are not made of ceramic or porcelain

If your veneers are made of composite – not ceramic or porcelain – it is much more likely to stain. Several substances will scratch the composite, including:

  • Abrasive toothpaste – As you brush your teeth, the toothpaste will create small scratches on the composite, which attract stains.


  • Teeth polishing – At the end of professional dental cleaning, most hygienists use a special powder / paste to make your teeth shine. Although it does not damage tooth enamel, it can scratch dental veneers.


  • Alcohol-based mouthwash – Alcohol softens the dental composite and facilitates scratching and staining.

How do we maintain dental veneers?

• Use a toothpaste with low abrasion and necessarily dental floss and / or irrigation.

• Do not use your teeth to bite hard objects.

• Make sure you receive regular dental cleanings from a hygienist who is trained to care for dental veneers. He will know what dental tools to use – and what tools to avoid – to keep your smile shining.

• Visit a dentist who will safely polish your dental veneers.

What can you do if your veneers? have they lost their color?

Make an appointment for a consultation with a dentist specializing in dental cosmetics, he will determine the reason why your veneers have lost their color. You will get the best results from a dentist who has extensive experience in this area.

A cosmetic dentist may polish your veneers to improve their appearance. If not, it will explain the options. If your facets are permanently damaged, will need to be replaced to regain your bright smile.